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Black Friday Sale - 2016

If you are Canadian, like I am, yesterday was probably just another day for you…   For our American friends, it was Thanksgiving.   And normally I will take any opportunity I can to spend time with friends and my family while eating great food, but i did not really get to "celebrate" anything yesterday :)    So.. despite I had no turkey yesterday, I am still feeling very Thankful!..   Both for the friends and family in my life.   As well as for having the opportunity to share my love for Mother Nature with the world - including you,...

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..We are back from Toronto Yoga Show!

Toronto Yoga Show a Massive Success  ...Back from the show - what an exciting and inspiring event that was! Will post some updates soon; Thank you all beautiful people who stopped by! We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed serving tea and meeting fellow yoga lovers and talking to everyone. Hope to see you soon!  Ira & Nikolai 

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